Proven efficacy

Action that sets this tablet apart

1. Penetrates the micro-porosities of the appliance

2. Cleanses the appliance in depth

Single Use


A single use of NitrAdine® is effective in eliminating certain species of microorganisms, including selected viruses (Herpes Simplex), in vitro. (Quintessence Int 2004, Prof. R. Thomas Glass, et al.) 

A novel disinfecting formula for the maintenance of oral medical devices... (Journal of Applied Microbiology, Prof. T. Coenye)

Biofilm: A potential problem for removable dental appliance wearers

What is a biofilm ?

Biofilms can be defined as communities of microorganisms attached to a surface. Due to their porous nature and to the ideal conditions provided by the oral cavity, removable dental appliances are especially susceptible to being contaminated by a biofilm. There are several species of micro-organisms that may comprise a biofilm, notably, Candida albicans, Staphyloccocus aureus, Pseudomonas aeruginosa, Pseudomonas fluorescens, Escherichia coli,  Vibrio cholerae, and the Herpes simplex Virus.

Three Key Processes:


• Adsorption / adhesion of a microbial cell to a solid surface


• Establishment of a microbial community at the site of attachment


• Maturation of a three-dimensional biofilm community

What are the causes of biofilm formation on removable dental appliances ?

 • Poor dental hygiene

• Failure to regularly clean and disinfect the dental appliance

• Lack of awareness with regard to the importance of disinfecting & cleaning a dental appliance

• Immune deficiency (such as diabetes)

Undesirable consequences

• Denture stomatitis: The biofilm has been reported to harbour micro organisms that act as important agents for the installation, maintenance and exacerbation of denture stomatitis (an inflammation of the mucous lining of any of the structures in the mouth).

• Bad breath (Halitosis)

• Angular cheilitis

• Burning sensations

• Potentially more serious complications for people with conditions likely to be aggravated by the biofilm (such as cardiovascular diseases, Diabetes, etc...)

• Dental Caries

• Periodontal Disease

• Dental Unit Waterlines